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The Doctor's Pet
Loki Renard

Loki Renard

The Doctor's Pet
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Title: The Doctor's Pet

849 downloads, last downloaded at February 19, 2019

is sick and tired of working both day and night shifts at her nursing job in
order to keep up with not only her own bills, but those of her wildly
irresponsible little brother as well. To make matters worse, when she has the
opportunity to interview with the tall, handsome new surgeon at St. Heaths, Dr.
Kirk Saunders, she is so stressed that she ends up treating him

that she has blown her opportunity, Tessa is shocked when the doctor escorts
her into his private office, bares her bottom, and gives her the first spanking
of her life. During the painful, embarrassing punishment, Kirk informs her that
if she is going to work under him, her insubordinate attitude isn’t going to be
tolerated and she will be expected to submit to his guidance, control, and

doctor’s firm hand and stern chastisement satisfy a deeply buried need that
Tessa has long sought to hide even from herself, and before she knows it she is
agreeing not only to work for him, but to accept his particular form of dominance
outside of the office as well. After bringing her to his home, Kirk explains
that he plans to train her to be his obedient, well-­loved pet, and soon she is
wearing a leash—and even more embarrassingly, a tail—and learning to do exactly
as she is told. Though the entire arrangement leaves her blushing with shame,
Kirk’s absolute command of her body also excites Tessa far beyond anything she
has ever experienced.

despite the pleasure and comfort Tessa finds in Kirk’s strong arms, her
financial and family problems still exist, and she is convinced that telling him
about her struggles will only cause him to leave her. When Kirk finds out that
she has been lying to him, can he find a way to prove to Tessa that no matter
how badly she behaves—and no matter how thorough and humiliating the resulting
punishment may be—she will always be his cherished pet.

Note: The Doctor’s Pet is an erotic
romance novel that contains spankings, sexual scenes, pet play, medical play, anal
play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t
buy this book.

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