Kabana Heat
Titania Ladley


Title: Kabana Heat

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ISBN: 9781605041285

Three peoplethree depraved plansone inferno of scandalous pleasures. Movie star Mitch Wulfrum is tired of deflecting the gay rumors buzzing around him. It's time for drastic measures to suppress them once and for alleven if it means marriage in name only to the first trophy wife he can get his hands on. And beautiful sugar cane princess Kiona 'Alohi fits right into his plan. Kiona can't believe her luck when she's presented with Mitch's proposition. Her overbearing father is dangling her trust fund over her head as an enticement to dump her ohsosexy, but ohsounsuitable lover, Nakolo. A bogus marriage to Mitch will net her everything she wantsmoney and love, even if she can only have Kol on the sly. What she doesn't expect are the sexual sparks that fly between her and Mitch, or, when Kol catches them together, the heat that flares between the two men. One scandalously pleasurable encounter after another fans the flames of attraction, until they begin to dream that all three of them could have everything they

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