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Raines, Harmony


Title: Allies

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Petra never wanted to go to Karal, but when her mother becomes the new President of Earth, thanks to the Karal, she is part of the deal. Never having entered the lottery, she feels used, but soon begins to appreciate the huge Karalian who is her mate.
Sent into deep space with him, their bond grows, as they race to find a new planet suitable for a human colony. But after a terrifying journey through a wormhole, they are told to abandon their mission. Instead they are being sent to join an alien alliance, in a bid to destroy the Hrokili.
Niko is sent to Earth to pick up his female. He isn’t expecting much, after all, these humans have no real advanced technology and had brought their species to the brink of extinction by breeding too much. Yet when he meets Petra, she intrigues him. And so begins their journey, one of discovery, both in each other, and the universe around them.
A journey mirrored by the Karl themselves, as they learn that they can no longer be isolated. Instead, they form alliances, that will put an end to the threat of the Hrokili, and will change them forever.
Suitable for adults only, contains scorching hot sex scenes.

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