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Harms, C.­A.


Title: Chaos

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This is a standalone, full length novel. 5 other billionaire novels are included as a bonus. Free in Kindle Unlimited

I’m a really, really good liar. And I do it all the time.

If you ask my mother, she’ll be delighted to tell you I’m an executive personal assistant in a glittering skyscraper, I travel all the time, and I have a beautiful, fashionable apartment. She’s so proud I’m living the New York City dream,­so successful for a girl just about to turn twenty-­three.

The truth was hard to live with — living from paycheck to paycheck in a shoebox of an apartment that didn't even have its own bathroom. But I never stopped dreaming big.

One day, my mother called to say she's coming over to celebrate my birthday with me, and introduce me to her soon to be husband. I panicked, went to a bar for a few drinks, and met Peter.

He was panty melting handsome, but that's not what I liked about him the most. He was a good listener. So when he asked me to tell him more about myself, I decided to tell him the truth. That was my first mistake. The second was sleeping with him.

Life has a sense of humor: When I met my mother and her fiancé for dinner, Peter came unannounced. And perfect timing too. I was just telling my mother a lie about this important project I'm working on... THEN there he was.

Turns out, he's going to be my stepbrother...

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