Presumed Guilty until proven innocent
K. T. Madison Katy Madison

K. T. Madison Katy Madison

Presumed Guilty until proven innocent
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Title: Presumed Guilty until proven innocent

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Something is rotten at the core of Fairland, Iowa. Over the years girls, women, have left never to return. Nothing is strange about people leaving a small rural town, but the truth is none of them really left...­but one almost got away. Although Daniel Thorton's wrongful conviction for killing his high school girlfriend is overturned, suspicions about him are ruining his life. He returns to sleepy Fairland to find the real murderer. His only hope of success is to convince Jennifer Collins to help him track down the man responsible. Jen's life has been off track since her best friend was brutally murdered. She never expects to find the man thought responsible on her doorstep. She may have believed him innocent long after everyone else wrote him off, but the last thing she needs is to be reminded of the painful past. But when a coworker goes missing, Jen must do everything she can to find her, even if it means working with a man who may have killed her best friend...

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