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Scott, Amanda


Title: Taken

1266 downloads, last downloaded at January 3, 2020

She thinks I’m bad. She has no idea.
More like out of control. Yeah, I got the tats, the muscles, and the torn up hotel rooms to prove it. But that ain’t nothing compared to what I’m going to do to her sweet, unsuspecting body. I can hardly wait to make her beg, moan and scream my name.

Problem is, Leila Crawford is way more complicated than I anticipated.
The judge ordered me to see this chick for six “therapy” sessions. Hell, it beat doing time and delaying my tour. But then she had to go and screw things up with those sexy curves and adorable dimples. She’s even cute when she starts thinking she can actually make me good.

She's not even close to my type. And if she even had the slightest clue how messed up I really am, it’d crack her heart in half. So why’d I go ahead and taste her lips when I knew it’d blow Pandora’s box wide open?

I just couldn't help myself, that’s why. And the instant I did, I was hooked for life on this chick. Make no doubt about it, sh*t’s about to get real ugly.

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