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Curvy Conquest
Avery, Scarlett


Title: Curvy Conquest

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Sometimes in life you have to go back to your past to deal with unfinished business.

Candy receives an envelope from a stranger that shakes her to the core.

Her grandmother has always claimed her son’s, Candy’s dad, death had nothing to do with an accident, but without solid proof there was no way of convincing the authorities of fowl play. Now, Candy holds in her hand an incriminating letter from a person who seems to have been keeping tabs on her life.

Can she trust this woman who’s making some pretty bold allegations about what really happened on that faithful Sunday when her parents set off on their summer vacation.

Devastated, Candy turns to her pillar of strength for comfort—alpha billionaire Max Keller.

As Candy digs deeper, she stubbles upon some shocking facts and she realizes in dismay that a few people in her close circle have been plotting against her for a very long time.

As this ordeal unfolds, Candy and Max do their best to grow their relationship, but will the crumbling weight of this horrific drama threaten what they’ve built so far?

Will Candy be able to uncover what really happened to her mom and dad and in doing so, is she putting her own life in danger in her quest for the truth?

This sexy, sizzling and steamy BBW Romance And Alpha Males / BBW Billionaire Romance / Curvy Romance / Alpha Billionaire Romance with a dash of comedy will make you laugh and leave you very hot and bothered.

“AMAZING!!! This series was everything I could ever want in a book. It superseded my expectations in every way imaginable. It's funny. It's thrilling. Max and Candy were amazing. The story was amazing. I definitely recommend this series. Way to go Scarlett.­”— Margari

263 5-­Star & 4-­Star Reviews so far for the series

***Part 4, and the conclusion, of this sexy alpha male billionaire romance series by Bestselling Author Scarlett Avery’s is a must-­read seductive roller coaster. ***

Curves Envy is a series of 4 books. The entire BBW Billionaire Romance / Curvy Romance / Alpha Billionaire Romance series has a HEA ending.

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