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The Binding - Bred by a Demon
Martin, Madelene


Title: The Binding - Bred by a Demon

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Desperate for a cure for her dying brother, apprentice witch Leah decides her only choice is to summon and bind Nthar, a powerful demon with the ability to heal.

Nthar appears in the form of a man with the lower half of a lion. Otherworldly and strangely seductive, he is quickly locked in a battle of wills with the girl... one that she is doomed to lose.

He wants her virginity. He wants to impregnate her and force her to bear his child. And Lord Nthar takes what he wants.

But will Leah get the better of him in the end?

Warning: This 8000 word story contains the rough, forced deflowering and breeding of an innocent virgin.


An Excerpt From the Story

“I will tell you what I want.­” He said, showing his sharp teeth. He stared into her eyes, obviously enjoying her suffering. Leah wrenched her head but couldn't get free.
“A vessel.­”
For a moment Leah was confused. Her brow furrowed and she simply looked into his golden eyes. Then his meaning dawned on her. Her eyes widened and she gasped. “What?­” She asked, shocked.
He grinned. “A lovely... sweet... virgin to carry my spawn.­”
“You can't!­” The girl shrieked, finally succeeding in tearing her gaze from his. He let her struggle fruitlessly for a moment before grabbing her arms, turning her to face him and holding her fast, both her wrists easily restrained in one large paw. She saw that he had a strip of cloth from the tatters of her dress, and now he wrapped it swiftly around her wrists, binding them tightly together.
She resisted with all her strength but knew it was hopeless. He was so strong. He could have snapped her in half with those mighty hands, she was sure. Even should she manage to escape him, she would have to make it outside the circle. And then it would still be possible for him to take control of her mind again. She had sealed her own fate here – now she knew it.

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