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Lopez, Lolita


Title: Evgeni

37 downloads, last downloaded at June 20, 2018

When her fragile teenaged sister is held for ransom by a sociopathic sorcerer, Celia Ladrón, a witch and professional thief, is forced to steal a topaz dagger from Evi Leshnikov. The reclusive Siberian tiger shapeshifter has quite a dark, dangerous reputation—and a complicated and painful history with her family.

Although she is successful in breaking into Evi’s grand mansion, she doesn’t make it very far before a great big beast of a tiger stalks and chases her. Caught and held captive by Evi, he offers harsh terms—submit to his darkest desires or leave empty-­handed.

Desperate to save her sister, Celia agrees, unaware the erotic test of wills may break her—body and soul.

In the end, however, it just might be Evi who is humbled. Because one sniff, one simple taste of this beautiful, complicated woman—and he knows that she is his mate.

And he’ll do anything to protect her.

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