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Backdraft The Secret Life of Trystan Scott #2
H.­M. Ward

H.­M. Ward

Backdraft The Secret Life of Trystan Scott #2
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Title: Backdraft The Secret Life of Trystan Scott #2

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When Mari realizes that Trystan is the internet megastar, Day Jones, she can't speak. Every time she listens to his song, it leaves her feeling so much. That song is bewitching. Everyone she knows has heard it. As soon as it appeared on YouTube, it went viral, and then the guy who wrote it disappeared. Despite agents and record labels trying to lure Day5705 out, he remains anonymous. No one knows who Day Jones really isexcept Mari. To Trystan's relief, Mari agrees to keep his secret. Part of him regrets uploading the song, but when he sings to Mari the song that once brought him solace, it fills him joy. In a life like his, joy is fleeting and Trystan plans on grabbing hold whenever a shot at happiness appears. To his surprise, Mari doesn't realize the song is about her. When Trystan tries to push her to see, he jeopardizes losing her entirely. One misplaced kiss topples the fragile relationship, leaving Trystan reeling, trying to assemble the pieces and convincing Mari that she's not just another conquest, e

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