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A Devil's Own Luck
Rowan McAllister

Rowan McAllister

A Devil's Own Luck
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Title: A Devil's Own Luck

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ISBN: 9781615819010

William Carey has played many roles in his thirty-­two years of life. Though born to privilege, he fled his disapproving family and, purely out of spite, devoted himself to a life of danger and infamy. William never thought twice about his self-­destructive behavior until he met a passionate woman who showed him how to harness his rebellious nature and return to London, his family, and society as a respectable gentleman of fortune. But Williams beloved wife is six years gone, and with her his joie de vivre. William devotes his days to the pursuit of empty pleasure until the night Williams brother asks a small favor by which William meets a young man who ignites a spark in him hed thought long extinguished. Stephen is fiery and passionate, handsome and mysteriousexactly what a fallen devil needs to stir the ashes of his heart. Unwilling to lose that spark now that he has found it again, William devises a scheme to claim Stephen for his own, but Stephen is beyond reluctant, with another benefactor and secrets he will not share. William will need more than cunning to win Stephens trust and love. Hell need all the luck he can get.

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