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Twice by Chance
Susan Laine


Title: Twice by Chance

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ISBN: 9781613724675, 9780014525447

As a teenager, Addy Monroe had a lifechanging experience"although technically the experience was happening to someone else in the steamedup backseat of the taxi stuck in traffic next to him. Six years later, at a club in LA, Addy meets rock singer Zak Roscoe"the man who unwittingly taught him who he is"and gets a shot at experiencing Zak for himself. A private and guarded person, Zak finds Addys determined advances both annoying and intriguing, and he allows himself to be seduced for a night of pleasure. Unfortunately, some old habits die hard Zaks postcoital nature leaves something to be desired, and Addy quickly realizes that sometimes fantasy and reality dont have much in common. If wishes were second chances.

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