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River Rapture
Vella Munn


Title: River Rapture

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ISBN: 9781619211902

Theres no fighting a current this strong When Michon volunteers to chaperon a group of teenagers on a canoe trip, she knows her appearance could be held against her. Her exclusive department store job requires her to look modelperfect, and she aches to break free of the constant pressure. She never expected to find someone who understands her inner restlessness, much less in the form of rugged river tour guide Chas Carson. Yet the walls around his heart are almost as high as her own, and theres only one way to breach them. Prove herself. Chas is equal to all of lifes challenges, at peace in the wilderness, and at peace with himself. Michon touches a lonely place in him, stirring a fierce need to protect her from harm. Much as he admires the city womans willingness to stand up to anything nature throws at them, one thing is certain. Once the trip is over shell go back to her safe, secure life. And hell become a memory. But when the river takes control, Michon and Chas find themselves facing the greatest challe

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