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Dave Darrins First Year at Annapolis
H. Irving Hancock


Title: Dave Darrins First Year at Annapolis

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"Dave, I'm getting nervous!­"

"Is that the best way you can find to enjoy yourself?­" demanded the taller boy.

"But I am, Dave?­dreadfully nervous!­" insisted Dan Dalzell positively.

"Well, you'll have to conceal it, then. The doctors at the United
States Naval Academy won't pass any nervous wrecks,­" laughed Dave

"Don't you understand?­" demanded Dan, in a hurt voice. "The nearer we get to Annapolis the more nervous I'm getting.­"

"You'd better drop off, then,­" hinted Dave ironically, "and take the next car back to Odenton and Baltimore. What earthly good would a Naval officer be who was going to get nervous as soon as he came in sight of an enemy?­"

"But I wouldn't get nervous in the sight the enemy,­" flared up
Dan Dalzell.

"Then why get nervous about the folks down at the Naval Academy?
They all intend to be your friends!­"

"I guess that is true,­" Dan went on. "Of course, back in April, we went before the Civil Service Commission and took our academic examinations. We passed, and haven't got that to


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