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The Adventures of Owl and Dylan
Robin Smith

Robin Smith

The Adventures of Owl and Dylan
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Title: The Adventures of Owl and Dylan

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All FOUR Owl and Dylans novellas available together for the first time Over 100,­000 words in all"Fourteen Hours at Flathead Rock":­brbrDylan Scoffield had a very simple job to do: Drive out into the wilds of the Flathead Mountain National Park and remove some dead trees before Spring arrived and they fell on a hiker. At seven o'clock on the dot, he was exactly where he was supposed to be, standing in front of the biggest, deadest tree on the mountain...­and staring with no small amount of surprise at the Warrior of Gaia chained to its trunk. She's not saying where the keys to her Shackles of Revolution are at the moment, but Dylan has approximately fourteen hours to jog her memory.­brbr"Five Nights at Dead Horse Flats"brThe president of the Merrifield Corporation has big plans for the forgotten town of Dead Horse Flats, big plans called Nibiru, a health resort and mineral spa where the elite can meet to soak their feet...­but there's a problem. A colony of bats may have taken up residence in one of the many strip

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