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Kathi S. Barton


Title: Samuel

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ISBN: 9780148697751

I didnt mean to insult you. I was tired and I said some things I shouldnt have. Aye you did. To me. She started for her coat, knowing that if she didnt leave now her temper was going to explode. But he grabbed her again. Wait a damned minute. Im trying to make this right. Why dont you get your panties out of the twist you have them in and cut me some slack Im trying to do the right thing here. She jerked from him again only to have him push her against the wall. Kennedy lost what little control she had on herself and hit him. Shed never understand if she lived to be three hundred years old how she ended up over him when hed fallen. Her body lay sprawled all over his in a way that she could feel every hard muscle of his entire frame, and there wasnt any doubt to her that he was all hard muscle. When she tried to scramble off him he put his hands on her hips and held her still. His cock seemed to grow as she lay there. Samuel Payne left his pride five years ago because of his father, a cruel man with a hea

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