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Windows to the Soul
M. J. Spickett

M. J. Spickett

Windows to the Soul
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Title: Windows to the Soul

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Life is not easy for any teenager, but for seventeen year old Elijah Hawke it is an utter nightmare. Born with unfathomable magickal powers, Eli is trying to cope with the loss of half his gifts and desperately wishes to be like a normal teen. Frustrated with his life he accepts a deal with a strange Priestess who seems to know more about him and his past life than even his Watcher does. But it is a deal that may very well cost him his life when the Priestess tries to use him to call forth the Chaos demon. Its up to Elis faery Guardian, Selena Hawke, to find a way to rescue her wayward charge and show him the importance of the people he has taken for granted, including himself. Ultimate power lies in the hands of a teenage boy, and every sorcerer in the world is after him.

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