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When Darkness Falls
M. J. Spickett


Title: When Darkness Falls

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ISBN: 9781554875603, 9780011173856

After defeating an evil sorceress and warlock, banishing a demon and even battling a psychic vampire, Eli Hawke would get a break. But no such luck, vampires are a lot harder to kill, especially when they have magick running through their viens. And if he thought Henry was tough to fight before, nows even harder, especially after his soul swapped bodies before death could claim him. Then theres his faery Guardian Selena. After living nearly a thousand years shes decided she wants to settle down and maybe start a family of her own, but when she dumps her boyfriend after he starts getting abusive for a mysterious new man, Eli has to reconsider where he stands in her life. And lastly theres Daniel...­or rather Anthony. After a past life regression attempt goes seriously wrong, Daniel and Elis past incarnation takes possession of Daniels body and is thrust into the present. As if remembering his past life isnt hard enough what can Eli do now that the past has become part of the present

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