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Carsen Taite


Title: Slingshot

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ISBN: 9781602827066, 9780015132897

Who says crime doesnt pay Luca Bennett makes her living looking for people, but her sights arent set on lost children separated from their parents at a busy mall or elderly Alzheimers patients who wandered from the nursing home. Shes a bounty hunter paid to apprehend fugitives on the lam. Luca caught her latest job from newintown, criminal defense attorney, Veronica Ronnie Moreno. Ronnies client, seedy local businessman Jed Quitman, failed to show up for court, and Ronnie wants him found right away. With Jeds mug smiling from dozens of billboards and lowbudget, latenight television commercials, Luca figures finding him will be a breeze. It doesnt take long for Luca to realize theres nothing simple about this job, from a stranger threatening her to stay away, to the fiery hot woman who has Luca looking for more than the usual onenight stand. The hunt for Jed quickly turns complicated, and the pursuit is fraught with danger, as is her attraction to the elusive Ronnie Moreno. In a case loaded with twists and tur

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