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The Night That Never Was
Tammy Godfrey


Title: The Night That Never Was

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ISBN: 9780014994649

College student Caprice Angela Talbot Cat for short is a student at Idaho State University in the good old state of Idaho. Cat has always been a rebel and nonconformist. Granted her brown hair and brown eyes are not exactly rebellious looking. Cat has a normal life till she wakes one morning to find out her live in boyfriend Daniel that she been with almost a years is breaking up with her. Cat struggles with her own thoughts, trying to figure out what happened and why. When Cat runs in to Julian Hainsworth a dark and handsome vampire who is looking for a meal but finds out that he has a connection with this girl, a connection he hasnt had in a century or longer. Does this strange girl have the same connection Julian wants her, will take her, but he gives her a choice. Thats when things get interesting.

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