The Druid's Revenge
Dianna Hunter


Title: The Druid's Revenge

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ISBN: 9781554874255, 9780043315613

WARNING This book contains graphic and violent material that may offend some readers. Refusing to let her life be ruled by the dark passions inherited from her druid sire, Mariah has taken her place in the ranks of the enforcers as one of their most talented of the World Walkers. Accompanied by the morphcat, Ghost, she travels the chain of worlds helping them keep the evil ones at bay. But Mariah has been betrayed. Her one nonwitch friend has employed his AI and the information he has gained from her about some of the most exotic worlds to create a computer game called Beyond the Void'. When something goes terribly wrong with the game and people begin disappearing from his lab, Shawn contacts Mariah for help. The missing tech is soon discovered. Lost on one of the more brutal worlds that Mariah has inadvertently introduced Shawn to, she has suffered a horrible, violent death. With the very real death of the tech and physical injury to Shawn, it is obvious that what is happening in the game is happening in th

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