Daemon Hunter
Dianna Hunter


Title: Daemon Hunter

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ISBN: 9781771111058, 9780033137638

Leanna is on a mission to rescue her brothers from the clutches of the evil wizard, Soltran, before he can sacrifice them and the other captive Royals. But the only way a Daemon from the world of Hades can travel the Chain of Worlds without interference is with the help of the witchkind. It is up to Leanna to rescue her brothers. Taken during a raid on her home world by the wizard Soltran, they have been added to the group of royals he has been kidnapping. Because of her talent to Walk the corridors connecting the Chain of Worlds, Leanna is the only one who can effectively track the wizard as he treks through the Chain with his captives toward his home base and the sadistic ritual he has planned. When Leas appearance proves more of a handicap than she had expected, she decides to seek the help of a powerful sorceress who has promised her aid if it were ever needed. As a native of the world of Hades, Leanna bears too much of a resemblance to the daemons of legend to escape notice. After a treacherous trek thro

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