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The Last Man on Earth
Raine Weaver


Title: The Last Man on Earth

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ISBN: 9781599989235

This is NOT a test Iris Foley and Russell Carr are old friends who share everything. As they indulge in a marathon viewing of old, campy horror films on a stormy Halloween night, they are suddenly faced with the very real possibility that something has happened to the outside world. Just as the last gasp of the Emergency Broadcast System issues a dire warning, they are plunged into isolation and darkness. Naturally, they decide to do what any frightened, civicminded young couple would do. They decide to have sex. Now if only old fears, a surprise adversary, and the Apocalypse wouldn't keep getting in their way This book has been previously published and has been revised from its original release. Warning Warning, this title contains explicit sex, but all references to alien coochie have been censored.

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