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The Snow White Bride
Claire Delacroix


Title: The Snow White Bride

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ISBN: 9781927477212, 9780014826445

The Laird of Kinfairlie has helped his sisters, each a gem in her own right, to find husbands. Now the laird himself seeks to wed, and pins his hopes on The Snow White Bride. Lady Eleanor knows better than to dream of romance and love. Married twice to secure her fathers alliances, she has learned that she is desirable only for her fortune. When the Laird of Kinfairlies sisters ask her to wed their brother, Alexander, Eleanor agrees, expecting only to save herself from danger. But Alexander is like no man shes known before, a man more interested in courting her smile than her obedience, a man who values her counsel as much as her newly awakened passion...­and a man unaware that Eleanor is the key to a fortune that could ensure the future of everything he holds dear. Now, ruthless enemies will stop at nothing to secure Eleanors capture. Will she dare to trust her new husband before its too late for her, for Alexander, and for Kinfairlie Delacroix provides an excellent end to a terrifically captivating series.

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