Hell's Little Angel
Loki Renard


Title: Hell's Little Angel

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ISBN: 9781609683672, 9780014319671

"For want of a flame retardant tissue, the battle was lost.­" Caught halfway between angel and dragon, pretty blonde haired, pink eyed, fire breathing Kaida has a knack for making most of the damned inhabitants of Hades look like model citizens. Whether she's committing accidental acts of arson or taunting furious dragons, she lives a life of near constant rebellion. Kaida is well on the way to an early grave when she is thrust into the arms of Edwin, an angel who has braved the very fires of hell to claim her as his own. Edwin is confident he can subdue Kaida to the useful and the good, but can Kaida learn to behave before she gets herself dead Or will the Elysian Fields themselves go up in flames before she submits

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