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Orphan Ivy
Loki Renard


Title: Orphan Ivy

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ISBN: 9780015609221

Timid, sweet little Ivy isn't your typical arts graduate. Sure, she's chronically under employed and living in an over priced hovel " but that's where her affinity with the stereotype ends rather abruptly. Unlike other twentysomethings trying to get by, Ivy doesn't subsist on cheap noodles and beer, she needs fresh human blood on a regular basis if she's not to end up as a pile of ashes. Pushed to the limits of self preservation in a modern world where even vampires need to get the rent paid, Ivy takes a job in a coffee shop. But when owner Jon spots a vampire fledgling on the brink of self destruction, he steps in, determined to lay down the law whether feisty Ivy likes it or not. The resulting battle of wills is fought on a losing battlefield for Ivy " her bare rear end. As time passes, an increasingly spoiled and petulant Ivy pushes every boundary she lays eyes on, attracting the punitive attentions of the clan at large. As Jon struggles to deal with her ongoing destructive rebellion Ivy must learn to beha

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