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Song of Teeth The Complete Book
Eve Hathaway

Eve Hathaway

Song of Teeth The Complete Book
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Title: Song of Teeth The Complete Book

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From the Publisher that brought you popular short story series Chains of Darkness, Children of Time, and now, the complete book of the best seller, Song of Teeth... "There could be anything living down there for thousands of years, and no one would know" ANOTHER CULTURE LIVES BENEATH THE CITY"AND THEY'RE NOT HUMANS By the accounts of a 17th century diary, there is a subterranean city known as Archopolisa secret city that is home to extinct species of evolved crocodiles who can communicate through melodious notes they sing. Their only connection to the human world is an ancient well where early Americans in the 1600's used to gather their water. This diary has come to the hands of Tatiana, a.­k.­a. lizard girl because of her odd interest with crocodiles. Despite this, her schoolmate, Mark, still likes her. She shared with him the tales of Archopolis. If Mark hasn't seen it in their exploration of the local subway system, he wouldn't have believed it was true. The it theyve seen"which Mark named Allyleads them to

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