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Lord of the Deep Horde Wars Book Five
Sherri L. King

Sherri L. King

Lord of the Deep Horde Wars Book Five
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Title: Lord of the Deep Horde Wars Book Five

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Book 5 of the Horde Wars stories. Tryton, Elder of the Shikar Council, knows the cost of love and vows never to fall prey to its seductive embrace. He cannot, for that way lies madness, destruction and unspoken secrets centuries old. Niki Akitoye is a woman cursed by love, indeed by any emotion that makes her lose grip on her tightly held control. When Niki loses control, people die. She must never let anyone get too close. But once these two proud fighters meet, all their rules stand waiting to be brokenand the price of desire could be salvation or destruction. In a world you thought you knew, pasts collide and futures hang in the balance. For our greatest needs and darkest secrets are kept closest to the heart. And fate has a way of catching up with us It is recommended that the previous books in the series be read before this one, in order to fully appreciate and understand Lord of the Deep.

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