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A Romantic Story About Serena
Santhy Agatha

Santhy Agatha - A Romantic Story About Serena

Author: Santhy Agatha

Title: A Romantic Story About Serena

70 downloads, last downloaded at April 13, 2014

The story is made up of my romantic dreams about a love story that is full of contradictions. Where a romance that life is not as smooth as might be romantic tales in general are always implies nan dainty princess story with a handsome prince with the perfect nature will ultimately always live happily forever.

Oh yes, of course I am also a fan of the words "live happily for ever", and I always pray for all the characters in my fairy tale ending like that anyway. But I want to present that to achieve live happily ever after fairy tale is not as easy, sometimes we have to fight against our conscience, we must contradict existing norms, we must strive to determine the best and we had to stand between two difficult choices.

I am a fan of a handsome prince, handsome prince just my story is not as romantic and the most handsome prince in the liver as well as fairy tales, prince charming in my story is a perfect human being behind the imperfections, they sometimes live to be forged by a bitter and cruel , but neve


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