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Do-­Over, The
Kathy Dunnehoff


Title: Do-­Over, The

78 downloads, last downloaded at February 27, 2015

Over 75,­000 downloads to Kindles since January 2012 !:: *Reader Praise for The Do-­Over* :: "I loved this book ! It is perfect for anyone who has ever wanted a vacation from their life. A vacation to do nothing , no responsibilities, no one asking for a favor and no one wanting you to just be there in case.­" Ildi Garay, Amazon Review (5-­stars) "I took The Do-­Over on the plane and found the flow and fun so compelling that I actively missed being in the story during the 'no electronic devices' times! Thank you for a great deal of pleasure on a day of three flight changes and stale cookies.­" L. Myers, Amazon Review (5-­stars) "This story provided hours of happy escapism for me. I might still be dealing with lazy teenagers, feet-­dragging husbands, and scrubbing toilets, but in my downtime, I cheered the heroine on as she fought for the right to expect more from life. You go, girl! S. Dillicar, Amazon Review (5-­stars) Overview of *The Do-­Over *Just before her fortieth birthday, Mara Jane Mulligan, devoted wife and m

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