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Getting Lucky
Carolyn Brown


Title: Getting Lucky

622 downloads, last downloaded at July 6, 2019

ISBN: 9781402228391, 9781402228384, 9781402224362

After being the center of nasty gossip in her last hometown, all Julie Donovan wants in Saint Jo, Texas, is a quiet, uneventful life for her and her daughter, Annie. But when a sexy cowboy walks into her classroom with a daughter who looks like Annie's twin, suddenly the whole town is looking for explanations… Devoted single dad Griffin Luckadeau will do anything to protect his own, and no sassy redhead is going to get in his way. When he thinks Julie is scheming to steal his ranch out from under him to benefit her own daughter, sparks really begin to fly... Julie and Griffin can't seem to cross paths without a scuffle. But when the dust settles, these two Texas hotheads may realize they've actually found something worth fighting for… "I eagerly anticipate the next installment in the Lucky Trilogy. is a great read, and I look forward to more from Ms. Brown!­" "Sassy dialog and colorful characters.­" "Carolyn Brown's rollicking sense of humor asserts itself on every page.­" "Carolyn Brown will keep you reading until the very last page.­" "This is not your mother's Western romance!­"

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