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Special Forces Rendezvous
Elle Kennedy


Title: Special Forces Rendezvous

224 downloads, last downloaded at January 24, 2019

ISBN: 9781460310410

Series : Book 2 of "The Hunted"
Desire in a hot zone Unless they stop it, the deadly virus decimating San Marquez will be unleashed on America. Fugitive sergeant Sebastian Stone and Dr. Julia Davenport have stumbled onto the shocking conspiracy behind a terrifying ultimatum?­but exposing it could cost their lives. Sparks of passion have already threatened their mission. Though both Sebastian and Julia don't "do" commitment, they rush headlong into a casual affair. On the run from both the government and terrorists, neither Sebastian nor Julia knows whom to trust. As the clock runs down, they must stop this deadly threat?­and realize that some things are worth the risk?.

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