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Dorien Kelly


Title: Do-­Over

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ISBN: 9781460303252

If the gods decided to grant Cara Adams one "do-­over,­" the choice would be a no-­brainer--­she wouldn't have been sucked in by Mark "the Shark" Morgan. Back in law school, Cara had "dumbed down" to catch Mark's eye. Thanks to her stunt, she lost a plum job at a Wall Street firm, and the Shark is enjoying life in the Big Apple.­Now Cara's thirty and doing just fine, thank you very much. Positive she's a shoo-­in for a partnership at her prestigious Michigan law firm, Cara has bought herself a new loft, paid off her student loans and is ready for the success she deserves. But the gods are laughing now. Her ally in the law firm bolts in the middle of the night, her secretary gets fired for using the file room as her own boudoir and...­Mark the Shark has come home. Really, the gods must be crazy.­Will Cara go down without a fight? Not this time.

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