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In the Days of the Comet
H. G. Wells


Title: In the Days of the Comet

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ISBN: 9783849641207, 9781775410461, 1230000098989, 9781627936347, 9780012674192, 9780014708116, 9780149072656, 9780012407745, 9780148863767, 9783655036570

H. G. Wells, in his 1906 In the Days of the Comet uses the vapors of a comet to trigger a deep and lasting change in humanity's perspective on themselves and the world. In the build-­up to a great war, poor student William Leadford struggles against the harsh conditions the lower-­class live under. He also falls in love with a middle-­class girl named Nettie. But when he discovers that Nettie has eloped with a man of upper-­class standing, William struggles with the betrayal, and in the disorder of his own mind decides to buy a revolver and kill them both. All through this a large comet lights the night sky with a green glow, bright enough that the street lamps are left unlit.

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