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Wyvern's Spur
Kate Novak

Kate Novak - Wyvern's Spur


Title: Wyvern's Spur

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Series : Book 2 of "Finder's Stone"
Most of the novel revolves around Giogi’s efforts to locate and recover an important family heirloom that goes missing just as he is returning to Immersea. The lost heirloom is an artifact from which they take their family name; the wyvern's spur, and the chief initial motivation for its recovery is the omen that the spur’s loss will trigger family misfortune. This is underscored when an elder family member, the wizard Drone, is discovered dead and a twisted mage named Flattery makes his presence known.
Giogi is aided in his efforts by Olive Ruskettle, a female halfling, and a female apprentice mage named Cat.
As the story progresses it is revealed that Cat is actually Flattery’s agent (under duress) and that Flattery himself is an un-­aging creation of a forgotten ancestor named Finder Wyvernspur. Flattery, for reasons left vague, possesses an intense hatred of anything connected with Finder’s legacy including his descendants.
Eventually, Giogi convinces Cat to leave Flat

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