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Grim Reaper: End Of Days
Steve Alten


Title: Grim Reaper: End Of Days

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ISBN: 9780765367075

Patrick "Shep" Shepherd was a promising major league rookie baseball pitcher when September 11, 2001 hit. Shaken by the attacks, Shep leaves behind his soul mate and newborn daughter to enlist in the Armed Forces. Eleven years and four deployments later, Shep finds himself in Manhattans VA hospital. His left arm is gone, his wife and daughter are gone, and his tarnished soul is haunted by the nightmares of war. December 21st: While world leaders meet at the UN. Mary Klipot, a bio-­hazard level-­4 scientist working at the CIA labs in Fort Dietrick, enters Manhattan with Scythe, a swift acting version of the Black Death developed to annihilate America's enemies abroad. Believing God has chosen her to bring forth the End of Days, Mary infects herself with Scythe, unleashing a pandemic. Officials rush to seal off the island, trapping three million people...­the President among them, with the only vaccine now in Shep's possession. Determined to use the vaccine to rescue his wife and child. Shep and his guide, Virgil


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