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Love's Dangerous Territory
C. L. Scholey


Title: Love's Dangerous Territory

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Christy had enough of men. Her caring boyfriend suddenly turned on her viciously, after the untimely death of her parents and she wanted only to disappear off the face of the earth. You should be careful what you wish for. The single engine plane she boards is thrown off course, crashing into the untamed wilderness, killing the pilot and two other occupants. Christy is beyond dismayed when she realizes her only hope of survival is dependent on a man, a man who appears more soulless than her ex. Hoping to avoid a recurrence of the emotional and physical trauma she suffered in her last relationship, Christy sets out to hide from Lando, a self confirmed notorious ex-­Mafia assassin. Though frightened of the man, she is more terrified of the aloneness. She follows him distantly through the dense forest, thinking she remains undetected by him, surviving on what she feels is mistakenly left sustenance. Lando is more than aware of Christy’s presence. The food he leaves behind is left purposely for her. He is also wel

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