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Dakota Cassidy


Title: Catnipped

145 downloads, last downloaded at November 15, 2018

Charlie Ledbetter has a big problem. She doesn’t like cats. In fact, she’s allergic to them. And now she is one… sort of.
Caught in the middle of a vicious argument between two men at the pet store where she shops for her dog Pinky, Charlie doesn’t just end up nipped in the fight when it’s over -- she ends up having a horrible allergic reaction and much sneezing, wheezing and gulping Benadryl like it’s tequila ensues.
But that’s not even the half of it…
When one of the two men involved in the scuffle, Quinn Piljor, comes to apologize for his part in the scuffle, he brings his brother Luke with him. Tall, blond, sexy, off the chain hot Luke. A man Charlie’s immediately attracted to. The brothers explain her little allergy problem can be solved with a ritual that takes place upon the full moon -- a sex ritual.
Crazy that, huh?
Charlie finds out what the Piljor brothers say really is true. In order to stop her violent allergic reaction to her new body’s chemistry, her only shot involves having sex with Quinn.

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