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Confessions of a Wannabe Witch
Dakota Cassidy


Title: Confessions of a Wannabe Witch

180 downloads, last downloaded at January 10, 2019

Felicity Speillman is a witch, unfortunately she’s not a very good one. For some reason, she can’t ever remember the words to her spells – probably the dyslexia – so she’s been sent to Castoffsphere for remedial witch training. But strangely enough, she enjoys Castoffsphere, probably because everyone there is as much of an outcast as she is. After a late night out with her friends, a non-­flying fairy named Lila and a blood intolerant vampire named Dexter, Felicity somehow conjures up a genie. But everyone knows genies and witches don’t mix. Can she use him to pass her exams and then figure out a way to send him back? Or will the sexy genie who calls her wife be able to get under her skin and convince her to keep him?

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