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Breathe Me In
Cherrie Lynn


Title: Breathe Me In

891 downloads, last downloaded at April 16, 2019

ISBN: 1230000141271, 9780016623592

Their worlds collided in Leave Me Breathless. Now see how the sparks first flew for Ghost and Macy... She knew he was trouble from the moment she first laid eyes on him, but that doesn't stop Macy from taking a wild ride with Ghost when he invites her along. Something about him intrigues her. Just by hanging out with him, though, she's drawn into a scandal she doesn't see coming and faces a decision that might alienate him and several people she holds dear. Timing is everything...­and theirs couldn't be more off. PLEASE NOTE: This is a short prequel to Leave Me Breathless that takes place during the events of Rock Me. It’s not meant to stand alone.

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