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Wuthering Heights
Bronte, Charlotte


Title: Wuthering Heights

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ISBN: 9781438574776, 9781466805743, 1230000190997, 9781627556781, 9781443425063, 1230000094563, 1230000119904, 1230000028439, 9781407015989, 9780679640004, 1230000099017, 1230000111346, 1230000133888, 9781425098407, 9781843441373, 9781629782195, 9783736800779, 9781595471215, 1230000210734, 9781443413893, 9781625586599, 1230000157645, 1230000103964, 1230000098671, 9781304775740, 9781927002858, 1230000113394, 1230000158339, 9785551311119, 9785551064138, 9781843441359, 9781421825229, 1230000012430, 9781609781644, 9781775412229, 9781416503095, 9781849892070, 9780553898026, 9781455389261, 1230000213851, 9781909959521, 9781101657690, 9781901843217

Emily Brontë's only novel, this tale portrays Catherine and Heathcliff, their all-­encompassing love for one another, and how this unresolved passion eventually destroys them both, leading Heathcliff to shun and abuse society. First published in 1847 under the pseudonym Ellis Bell, Wuthering Heights is considered to be a classic of English literature. Emily Brontë's novel opens the mind to the complexity of society and family heritage. Explores masculinity and femininity. Heathcliff's desire for revenge and his perseverance to obtain, what he never had and what he seeks in love and life. It demonstrates the ripple effect of life and how it can destroy generations in succession. The power of emotions and the naivety of man. The magnitude of education on society and societal roles. How life can destroy and produce life, the duality of its nature.

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