The Dark (A Detective Alice Madison Novel)
Giambanco, Valentina


Title: The Dark (A Detective Alice Madison Novel)

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In the sequel to the riveting The Gift of Darkness, echoes of the decades-­old Hoh River Boys kidnapping and murder continue to haunt Seattle Homicide Detective Alice Madison. After the nightmarish showdown in the woods with the madman Harry Salinger, Madison, and the surviving Hoh River Boys, attorney Nathan Quinn and his now-­imprisoned client John Cameron are bound together by the experience, which changed all their lives forever.
But the nightmare isn't over, especially for Quinn, whose younger brother David never returned from the awful night the boys were kidnapped. When David's remains are found, Madison resolves to follow the trail to see if it can lead her to the killer.
But Madison has a knack for attracting all the wrong kinds of attention. As she follows the evidence, a sadistic murderer follows her every move. And as Madison's personal demons threaten her career with the Seattle PD and darkness once again closes in, she finds herself gripped by obsession.
She's determined to bring a psychopath to justice, but it will prove to be one of the most difficult--­and dangerous--­things she has ever done.

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