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[Stone Society 08.­5] - Jonas
Faith Gibson


Title: [Stone Society 08.­5] - Jonas

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Some gifts can’t be wrapped.
On Christmas Eve, Jonas Montague, father of the half-­blood Gargoyles, is surrounded by his family, but not all of them. Instead of telling a traditional holiday tale, he shares the story of meeting his mate, Caroline, and the years that followed. Why was Jonas ostracized? Where are his older children? Why did he clone his great-­niece, an act that caused the near-­apocalypse?
And what’s a holiday without a miracle?
Jonas is a Stone Society companion novella set ten years in the future. It is told from Jonas’s point of view and from that of Tessa’s twins, Anthony and Tabitha (in both 1st and 3rd person). The story contains minor spoilers for future Stone Society books.

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