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Park Avenue Prince
Louise Bay


Title: Park Avenue Prince

8864 downloads, last downloaded at June 20, 2018

The prince of Park Avenue finally meets his match in a feisty Manhattan princess. I've made every one of my billions of dollars myself - I'm calculating, astute and the best at what I do. It takes drive and dedication to build what I have. And it leaves no time for love or girlfriends or relationships. But don't get me wrong, I'm not a monk. I understand the attention and focus it takes to seduce a beautiful woman. They're the same skills I use to close business deals. But one night is where it begins and ends. I'm not the guy who sends flowers. I'm not the guy who calls the next day. Or so I thought before an impatient, smart-­talking, beyond beautiful heiress bursts into my world. When Grace Astor rolls her eyes at me - I want to hold her against me and show her what she's been missing. When she makes a joke at my expense - I want to silence her sassy mouth with my tongue. And when she leaves straight after we f--­k with barely a goodbye - it makes me want to pin her down and remind her of the three orgasms she just had. She might be a princess but I'm going to show her who rules in this Park Avenue bedroom. A sexy, standalone, contemporary romance.


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