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[The Warriors of the Iroquois 01] - Black Eagle
Karen Kay

Karen Kay

[The Warriors of the Iroquois 01] - Black Eagle
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Title: [The Warriors of the Iroquois 01] - Black Eagle

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A woman on the run...­a warrior's vow...­an assassin on their trail.­The Warriors of the Iroquois, Book 1With the English and the French at each other's throats, struggling for control of the North American continent, the battle lines have been drawn. But Marisa Jameson is witness to treachery closer to home.­After she overhears her uncle's plot to destroy a Dutch town for his own gain, she threatens to expose him—­and is forced to run for her life.­When the mesmerizing beauty says she needs a guide to visit a friend, Mohawk warrior Black Eagle volunteers. He knows the wild forests of New England like the back of his hand, but soon senses danger is dogging their heels and suspects there's more to Marisa's anxiety to move swiftly than her eagerness to "visit a friend".­Caught in the crossfire of a war and with a deadly assassin hot on their trail, Marisa and Black Eagle discover that trusting each other is the only way to...

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