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00.­5-­02] - Logan Clay (Logan's Story; Her Forbidden Rockstar (Sand & Clay); Rocker Christmas
Sarah Robinson


Title: 00.­5-­02] - Logan Clay (Logan's Story; Her Forbidden Rockstar (Sand & Clay); Rocker Christmas

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 **RELEASE WEEK $0.­99 SALE! Price Increase to $4.­99 Next Week **    Logan Clay: The Forbidden Rockers is newly available in a boxset, including all three novels in the series: Logan's Story: A Prequel, Her Forbidden Rockstar, and Rocker Christmas. This rockstar romance series tells the story of Logan Clay, the lead singer of rock band, Haven, as he falls in love with the stage...­and the woman of his dreams. Before the lights, stage, and music, Logan Clay was just a boy from the poor side of town trying to take care of his mother while chasing his dreams. All he needed was one chance, one big break to show the world everything he had to offer--­and Gina Vile offered that to him. Little did Logan realize when signing that contract, he also signed his soul over to a woman who only saw him in terms of record sales.

Caroline Sanders doesn't care one bit who Logan Clay is, and he liked that. A lot. The way she put him in his place and didn't want a thing from him had Logan's head spinning, and his heart pounding. He sure as hell wants her, but convincing her to take a chance on him requires risking everything he worked for...­including his music.

A chance at love he never thought he'd have.
A chance at freedom he's not sure he even deserves.
All he's ever wanted was...­a chance.

*Disclaimer: This book is intended for 18+ years old due to sexual content. This boxset also includes previews at the end from the author's other novels and series, stopping at around 82%. ***

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