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[Enchanted] - The Lost Kingdom of Bamarre
Gail Carson Levine


Title: [Enchanted] - The Lost Kingdom of Bamarre

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In this compelling and thought-­provoking fantasy set in the world of The Two Princesses of Bamarre, Newbery Honor-­winning author Gail Carson Levine introduces a spirited heroine who must overcome deeply rooted prejudice—­including her own—­to heal her broken country.­Peregrine strives to live up to the ideal of her people, the Latki—­and to impress her parents: affectionate Lord Tove, who despises only the Bamarre, and stern Lady Klausine. Perry runs the fastest, speaks her mind, and doesn't give much thought to the castle's Bamarre servants, whom she knows to be weak and cowardly. But just as she's about to join her father on the front lines, she is visited by the fairy Halina, who reveals that Perry isn't Latki-­born. She is Bamarre. The fairy issues a daunting challenge: against the Lakti power, Perry must free her people from tyranny.

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