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[Wolf Born- Heart of the Pack 01] - Bitten
Elsa Jade


Title: [Wolf Born- Heart of the Pack 01] - Bitten

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Getting attacked by feral dogs in the alley behind the bakery was a crappy way to start my weekend. And it only got worse when an insanely sexy man told me I’d been bitten by a werewolf. Thought he was obviously insanely insane as well as drop-­dead hot, I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about the killer body under his expensive silvery suit… or the secrets in the depths of his ice-­blue eyes.


All bets are off. The vicious rogues invading my territory infected a human woman with the werewolf virus. And as civilized as I tried to be, I wanted a taste of her too. Already I scented the change in her: a wildness that made her a threat to all that remained of my endangered pack… and at the same time made my blood sing. I’ll never let the rogues take her. She belongs to us.

HEART OF THE PACK is a paranormal shapeshifter BBW romance serial in seven parts. The stories contain adult language and graphic sexual situations. Rated M for mature and W for wild readers only.

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