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The Alien's Patient
Loki Renard


Title: The Alien's Patient

220 downloads, last downloaded at March 12, 2019

Twenty-­four-­year-­old Faith Rockford has been fending for herself for as long as she can remember, but when she steals an extremely advanced artificial intelligence chip and attempts to sell it to gangsters things go wrong and she ends up barely escaping with her life.
When a strange man named Serkan saves her from capture and heals her injuries, she isn’t sure whether to believe him when he tells her he’s an alien physician, and that he’s been traveling the galaxy and monitoring developing planets, but one look at his ship proves he is not from Earth.
She soon learns that this huge, handsome man with silver eyes has rescued her despite the rules of his people against intervening or tampering with the inhabitants of the planets they study. As they journey to his home planet together, Faith finds herself falling in love with the alien doctor, but when they arrive on his world, will his people be willing to accept her presence there?

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