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[Stormwalker 02.­5] - Double Hexed
Jennifer Ashley as Allyson James


Title: [Stormwalker 02.­5] - Double Hexed

44 downloads, last downloaded at February 18, 2019

Trapped in her hotel by powerful magic, half-­Navajo Stormwalker Janet Begay must find a way out in this novella from the author of Wild Wolf...

Running a little hotel in the southwestern town of Magellan, Janet is used to the occasional problem that requires a plumber or an electrician. But what begins with a leaky faucet in room number 6 leads to a terrifying warning: You are doomed.

Soon a powerful hex traps Janet in the hotel with her friends and her lover, Mick, a biker with the power to shift into a dragon—­and the power to calm the raging storm magic inside her. While the close quarters stir a passion between them, they must focus their energy on the impending dangers from outside the hotel—­and the ones within...

Double Hexed previously appeared in Hexed

Praise for the Stormwalker Novels

"Action packed...­Dynamic characters, magic, and intrigue.­"—­Cheyenne...

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